pentaho kettle etl tutorial materials


software and books you should consider having


book #1: “pentaho kettle solution”
created by: Matt Custers – who also developed kettle before it was bought by pentaho, Roland Bouman, Jos von Dongen.
I use the book as a reference , when i develop its like a guide to specific things , i bought it as PDF and i just
search before i go and try to find more info online.

From my point of view this is the “Bible” of pentaho kettle.
I think that my course will give you most of the material you need, but to have the complete picture i
recommend buying the book too(and i did). you will need it for the day by day development.
it covers some complex materials:
Unstructured data handling , web services ,xml , Clustering, big data and more
I want to compliment Matt casters for developing pentaho kettle, this is unbelievable for one person to achieve on his own .

Book #2 : pentaho solutions
written by: Roland Bouman, Jos von Dongen
it covers the full pentaho solution and has some parts of kettle as part of the suite.


Book #3 : “pentaho 3.2 data integration”

by Maria carina Roldan it’s a beginning guide to pentaho kettle


book #4: The Data Warehouse Toolkit


author Ralph kimball – The “bible” of dimension modeling , explaining the 34 guidelines to develop an optimize data warehouse
in our case the “target” meaning load of the data.
a must book if you intend to be a top natch ETL developer


materials for the course

mysqlThe Database we will use for source and DWH DBclick here
jreJava Runtime Environmentclick here
navicatBest Database manager for Mysql and moreclick here
notepad++Text Editorclick here
sakila databasesample rent movie DBclick here
pentaho PDIpentaho data integration – a.k.a kettleclick here
expressoregular expression development toolclick here
power architectData Modeling & Profiling Toolclick here
date fileThe date dimension