find more information about pentaho kettle

here are some resources for learning more about pentaho kettle

1 pentaho kettle forum (click here)

2 books
I have them all , because learning is my hobby:
I can remember myself 10 years ago traveling to London with my girlfriend (now she’s my wife) spending six hours at the bookstore for information technologies that nowhere to be find but there, returning home with 12 kg of books on my back.
Then I evolved: my back went backward and the technology went forward.
So I bought books on Amazon. Then they invented the Kindle and now we have gone to online courses.
So udemy became my best friend.

book #1: “pentaho kettle solution” (click here)
created by: Matt Custers – who also developed kettle before it was bought by pentaho, Roland Bouman, Jos von Dongen.
From my point of view this is the “Bible” of pentaho kettle.
It deals with more complex, exotic subject so if I must say I think my course represents 80% of the material that gives you 95% of what you need day by day.
The book me go into details in subjects like:

• Input / output xml
• Unstructured data handling
• Nosql databases (mongo…)
• Web services
• Clustering (scale out on more servers for performance)
I would like to compliment Matt casters for developing one incredible piece of software that helps all of us making better solutions for managers decisions. Great job.

Book #2 : pentaho solutions (click here)
written by: Roland Bouman, Jos von Dongen
very good book also, but these more general about kettle and deals with the whole pentaho suite.

Book #3 : “pentaho 3.2 data integration” (click here)
by Maria carina Roldan it’s a beginning guide to pentaho kettle

3 Examples that comes with the installation of pentaho kettle
under folder data integration you have examples of many steps that you can run with spoon (the bat file that runs kettle) and learn.

4 blogs:

1. My blog here in the website
2. Matt casters blog
3. Roland Bouman blog

I think the combination of my course and the first book : “pentaho kettle solutions” will give you the whole package.


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