For those who consider to become a data integration (spoon) pentaho kettle developer

you need to be processed oriented, it is not that programming or PHP it’s more like understanding the requirements from the customer, understand the flow of how the customer runs his business and translate it to a system that allows him to get real information so he/she can decide about actions the company needs to take.

So you need a combination of: understand managers and needs but at the same time to be a technological skilled in order to implement it the right way.
I think the most interesting thing about it is that you become more acquainted of the business than the managers, and because you see the full picture you know what questions need to be asked before starting the project.

What I like in this process the most is to analyze the requirements and then implement it.
From my point of view pentaho kettle is a playground, like a puzzle / logic games that need to be solved. And they pay me for that.

So if you feel that you’re like that, you enjoy interviewing managers and then try to find the right solution to bring data from ridiculous sources and try combining them to one place in logic that will give the manager a way to analyze and decide according.
You came to the right place.


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