My name is Steinberg itamar, CEO of Inflow and the author of the pentaho kettle etl tutorial online course

I thank you for coming over to our website
Hope you will enjoy the course.
I have more than 15 years at information technology
I have a MBA in business and IT.
My MA from the University of Manchester , MBA from Ono academics
I have been developer , team manager , project manager, division manager,
and BI consultant. i saw a lot of tools : databases , ETL tools, BI tools , business processes
at some point 5 years a go i decided that its time to help companies find the
right set of tools based on their actual need and opened Inflow systems.

The course was born after 5 years of our work with our small “commando”
team of experts with variety of customers.
The scenario at most of our customers was that after the first phase of implementation a BI solution (end to end), their IT team wanted to learn about the tools and maintain / develop future phases by themselves.
So we began developing courses for our customers, every time we discovered something cool that pentaho kettle can do, we added it to our courses.
Also added some great tips to handle the customer requests or to know what to expect.

So in time we had a strong use cases of complex staff as examples from our real customers.
At that point I thought why not to share it with you.